More than 20 years ago, Trinnov’s founders and engineers began working on the development of the surround sound format, even before the concept of immersive sound was even conceived.

Today, the French manufacturer provides high-performance audio solutions for high-end home cinemas, studios and commercial cinemas. Trinnov Optimizer and other technologies protected by 50 patents are what distinguishes Trinnov from other brands on the market.

Trinnov’s hardware and software platform allows engineers to access and support users remotely over the internet, as well as update new audio formats in the future.

Trinnov Optimizer

Developed since 2013, the Trinnov Optimizer has become the new standard in the calibration and setup of sound systems for professional cinemas as well as high-end home entertainment systems.

The Optimizer records a large amount of audio information in each measurement and analyzes response time/frequency to better understand and optimize each speaker in the room performing at its best. This is also the system trusted by more than 1500 studios worldwide to produce the cinematic works we watch every day.

The TrinnovOS Platform

Most audio brands use processors provided by OEMs. This makes the whole audio system quickly obsolete within 1-2 years, as the audio market is driven and technology changes rapidly.

With the determination to improve quality and prolong product’s life, Trinnov chose its own development direction. Based on Intel’s multi-core processors, the 64-bit TrinnovOS operating system is a modern and flexible platform that is easy to upgrade in the future and can be instantly remote supported.