Studiomaster Vision

  • 8 channel – 10 input
  • twin studio grade DSP
  • 9 band graphic EQ
  • PFL and channel mutes
  • 60mm high quality faders
  • 2 routable USB interfaces for recording and playback
  • Up to 2000 watt internal amplification
  • ultra compact, ultra light

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The Vision is available in three formats tailored to suite your PA requirements. The Vision 8 is a perfect partner for all sizes of powered speakers and the Vision 1008 with its twin 500 Watt internal amplifier has the power to deliver at any venue. The flagship Vision 2008 packs a total of 2000 Watts of solid power for when the ultimate sound quality is demanded.
All have 10 channel inputs (6 mic/line and 2 stereo), two 2 channel USB interfaces and the useful Standby feature that mutes all inputs except stereo playback for intervals. The two studio quality DSP effects processors can be used independently or, at the touch of a button, link to create one giant reverb/delay effect for that dramatic power ballad!
All models are free standing or can be rack mounted (kit included), a foot switch socket is provided for external effects muting and 48V phantom power is available on all mic inputs.
Take control of your sound with Vision compact PA mixers.


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