Studiomaster V8

  • 2×15”(388mm) / 4”voice coil
  • Large 2.6” voice coils to deliver consistent high power
  • Ultra compact with durable finish
  • Adjustable suspension system and convenient scoop handles

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V8 line array speaker is a 2 way system, supplying a frequency scope of 65Hz-20KHz, the design of the cabinets produce a smooth frequency and phase response.

Two 44mm tweeter compression units and two 8” bass units form a middle /high frequency system, which decreases greatly the cabinet weight, and supplies a high SPL/volume ratio.

The Mid / Low frequency of V8 utilizes two 150W 8” paper cone bass units fitted with a specially designed acoustic net cover, which can prevent interference and optimize the middle frequency direction. The High frequency utilizes two 44mm compression drivers.

These decrease greatly the HF comb-filtering and enhances the sound articulation for long distances. The V8 cabinet is ladder-shaped, featuring a precise
aluminium hanging system. The connection angles between cabinets can be adjusted between 0°- 6° to meet the requirement for different locations.

The cabinet surface feature wear-resistant black galaxy paint. Large scoop carry handles, and Neutrik NL4 connectors on all cabinets complete the features.


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