• Compact design with a high performance versus cost ratio, high SPL, superb intelligibility, low distortion and a flexible configuration.
  • Two-way linear sound dispersion technique to provide clear rich sounds.
  • Low/medium frequency driver with ultra low distortion to give high performance with a wide dynamic range.
  • Custom high quality titanium and neodymium HF compression driver.
  • Super Hi-Fi sound from the flat phase response
  • Birch plywood cabinet coupled with CNC routed slotted structure to give a great sound and extreme strength and rigidity.
  • Hard wearing water based surface treatment, to give a long lasting weatherproof finish.
  • Intelligent fast fixing suspension system.
  • 120 degree horizontal coverage.
  • Up to 140.5dB maximum SPL.
  • Very low 30Hz sub bass frequency response from custom designed sub bass system.
  • Great integration with power amplification and digital signal processing to complete the system.
  • Full range of accessories available including : Flightcases, suspension systems, weatherproof covers
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