Studiomaster V10

  • Compact design with a high performance versus cost ratio, high SPL, superb intelligibility, low distortion and a flexible configuration.
  • Two-way linear sound dispersion technique to provide clear rich sounds.
  • Low/medium frequency driver with ultra low distortion to give high performance with a wide dynamic range.
  • Custom high quality titanium and neodymium HF compression driver.
  • Super Hi-Fi sound from the flat phase response
  • Birch plywood cabinet coupled with CNC routed slotted structure to give a great sound and extreme strength and rigidity.
  • Hard wearing water based surface treatment, to give a long lasting weatherproof finish.
  • Intelligent fast fixing suspension system.
  • 120 degree horizontal coverage.
  • Up to 140.5dB maximum SPL.
  • Very low 30Hz sub bass frequency response from custom designed sub bass system.
  • Great integration with power amplification and digital signal processing to complete the system.
  • Full range of accessories available including : Flightcases, suspension systems, weatherproof covers

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The new V10 compact line array system, comprising 2×10″ Mid/Tops, 2×15″ Low mids to form your array, and 2×18″ Sub bass cabinets to complete the system, and is available in both active and passive variants.

The V10 system, features very high SPL levels, with peak SPL in excess of 140dB on the passive sub bass cabinets. Connecting the V10 line array system is simple with the intelligent fast fixing system found on our larger V12 systems.

The V10 active models feature not only high power lightweight CLASS D amplifier modules along with durable power supply units, but also each cabinet is equiped with a comprehensive 56bit 96kHz DSP, featuring gain, crossover, phase, delay, unique limiting, and three useful default program settings.

Components used are high performance, to ensure long life and be able to continually provide the professional power levels required for a system of this calibre. With titanium and neodymium components, and the 18mm birch plywood cabinet, the result lets these cabinets stand out of the competition


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