Studiomaster SX

  • Choice of three 2U lightweight models up to 3600 watts
  • High efficiency Class AB with 2 step Class H amplifiers
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Lightweight, between 12.8kg and 16.4kg for the SX2 45
  • Full protection with variable speed fan cooling

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The SX2 range are rugged light weight amplifiers capable of producing quality sound at all power levels. There are three models in the range, all occupy only 2 rack spaces and are forced cooled via a thermally controlled fan.
There are 3 modes of operation available stereo, mono or bridged and the input sensitivity can be trimmed by +-3dB for system matching. The inputs use combined XLR and jack socket combination connectors with a separate link socket to feed additional amplifiers. The outputs use industry standard four pole connectors with binding posts giving total flexibility. Front panel status LEDs provide visual indication of signal levels, BRIDGED mode and POWER.
The two large level controls aid precise volume setting and the durable black finished steel cabinet can handle life on the road. With the highest powered model (SX245) weighing only 16.4kg the SX range price/performance ratio is the only choice!


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