Studiomaster SRQ

  • 2×31 band 1/3octave graphic equaliser with 45mm travel faders
  • Input trim and 11 segment two colour bargraph metering
  • Switchable cut/boost range and fully adjustable high pass filter
  • Bypass switch for quick comparison
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The SRQ range provides the quality & features sound engineers demand. The range consists of 3 models all with balanced XLR and screw terminal connectors.

The smallest of the range is the SRQ30, a one rack space 2×15 band graphic with frequencies spaced at 2/3 octaves. The input trim adjusts the overall signal level with signal & clip LEDs providing visual indication of signal levels. The cut and boost range is switchable from 6dB to 15dB and a bypass switch gives a quick active/bypass comparison.

Next is the two rack space SRQ62 with 2×30 bands of frequency adjustment spaced at 1/3 octaves. In addition to the facilities on the SBQ30 there is a switchable 40Hz high pass filter.

The top of the range SRQ62L has longer 45mm travel frequency faders for when accurate adjustment is required. 11 segment two colour bargraphs give a visual indication of the output level and a fully adjustable hi pass filter sweeps between 12 and 285Hz

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