Studiomaster Livesys5/S

  • Ultra low noise 3 channel mixer
  • 2 mic/line channels, 1 line channel
  • LIVESYS5 with 3-band EQ
  • LIVESYS5S with 2-band EQ
  • Built in effect
  • 150 watt CLASS D amplification
  • Light weight only 3.3kg
  • Microphone stand mounting system

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Hugely versatile multi purpose active 150 watt speaker cabinet. Perfect for live events, conferences, and small performances.

With the features and flexibiity included on this model, the LIVESYS5 is also perfect to act as a monitor speaker for vocalist, keyboard and drum performers.

LIVESYS5S with a hugely versatile MP3/USB playback and recording system, with Bluetooth playback facility included.


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