Studiomaster KM

  • Uni-directional
  • 50Hz-16kHz
  • -54dB ±3dB(0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
  • 500 ohms(at 1kHz)
  • Die-cast Zinc Alloy
  • Dark Grey Satin
  • XLR-XLR 5m (16ft)
  • Soft bag/clip/cable
  • 170mm(6.7″) x 52mm (2.1″)
  • 278g (0.61lb)
  • Miễn phí cà thẻ
  • Miễn phí ship trong nội thành TP.HCM
  • Miễn phí tư vấn lắp đặt

If you’re looking for a high performance microphone and don’t want to pay a fortune, take a look at the KM range of dynamic mics.

They are rugged with the features you need, designed to cope with rough handling and most importantly, they sound good. These dynamic microphones have a cardioid response meaning they pick up your voice loud and clear but are much less sensitive to other, unwanted sounds. This is especially true from the rear of the microphone, handy when using stage monitors.

The KM range of microphones is supplied in a soft zipper bag, 5 metre professional XLR to XLR balanced cable (KM52/92/102) or high quality USB cable (KM103) and stand clip.


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