Studiomaster GX

  • Low cost full range speaker system
  • GX10/12 and 15 designed as useful trapezoidal enclosures
  • Comprehensive onboard mixer on active models
  • Durable carpet covered enclosures
  • Active models feature balanced mic and line inputs
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The GX range sets a new standard in loudspeaker performance portability and cost. The range comprises 10 models, 5 activ (powered) and 5 passive (unpowered)
Both types feature 10”, 12” & 15” full range cabinets and a 12” & 15” stage monitor. The strong trapezoidal shaped wooden cabinets ar black carpet covered to give a stylish, durable finish while keeping weigh to a minimum. All full range cabinets contain a 35mm speaker pol socket for stand mounting and all models have tough slotted handles making transportation easy.
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