Studiomaster Digilive 16P

  • 16 input with 16 internal busses
  • 12 digital gain mic input channels
  • Up to 8 internal effects busses
  • 600W amplifier – 4 x 150W (4ohm) power or 1000W amplifier 2 x 500W (4ohm) power
  • 4 configurable ‘smart’ XLR outputs
  • S/pdif in/out & AES-EBU output
  • Ultra compact unit size
  • Full tablet (iOS) control

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Expanding our digiLiVE range of digital mixing products, the unique new digiLiVE16P series merges the comprehensive features and style of the digiLiVE 16, with the ultra compact design of the digiLiVE 16R and adds a powerful 600 watt or 1000W multi-configuration digital power amplifier.
Featuring 16 inputs, digital in/outs, 16 internal busses, amplifiers configurations are the 16P-600 with 4 x 150W at 4ohm with 4 smart balanced XLR outputs or the big 16P-1000 with 2 x 500W at 4ohm with 6 smart balanced XLR outputs.
Retaining the simple, unique and intuitive 7” touchscreen interface of the digiLiVE 16, with easy rotary encoder control of input and output layers, this is a powerful, unique and incredibly simple to operate all-in-one mixer amp solution.
Perfect for many different applications including installations, small live bands, houses of worship and even as a dedicated monitor mixing solution especially when used with the iPad APP.


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