Studiomaster Digilive 16

  • 16 input with 16 internal busses
  • 12 professional mic input channels
  • 9 motorized 100mm faders
  • Up to 8 internal effects busses
  • 8 configurable ‘smart’ outputs
  • 7” high resolution touch screen or full tablet operation
  • S/pdif in/out & AES-EBU output
  • Real time operation with full featured iOS app

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DIGILIVE 16 intelligent user interface

  • simple to use 1024×600 7” touchsceen with clear and informative graphics
  • clear visual representation of all channel and mixer settings
  • use either touchscreen or encoder to adjust any setting
  • 100mm motorized faders, with one touch layer selection
  • solo, mute and channel select buttons for each channel

DIGILIVE 16 advanced algorithms

  • 4 band fully parametric EQ
  • each band adjustable between 20Hz and 20kHz
  • variable gain and Q, and ability to save EQ library presets

DIGILIVE 16 dynamics and effects on every channel

  • fully adjustable gate and compression
  • 4 stereo effects available with reverb, delay, modulation and 31 band graphic EQ
  • simple to use and informative visual representation of effect or dynamic
  • depth and gain reduction metering for accurate adjustment

DIGILIVE 16 smart outputs

  • 16 internal busses with 8 balanced XLR outputs
  • comprehensive routing facilities to maximise mixer flexibility
  • simple and clear selection and routing

DIGILIVE 16 mixing made easy

  • input and output channel metering is clear with the high definitiion screen
  • both input and output levels clearly displayed
  • pre and post fader metering

DIGILIVE 16 recording and playback

  • built in media player and recorder
  • playback from either USB
  • record from any smart output



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