Studiomaster bDrive

  • 10” model available in either active or passive variants
  • Lightweight, high powered components
  • AU model with built-in USB/SD card player/record and Bluetooth playback
  • AP model with built-in DSP featuring 2 inputs, tone, EQ, limiter and delay
  • CLASS D amplification in active models
  • 1” throat compression drivers
  • High quality durable injection moulded cabinet

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The bDRIVE series offer increased power and SPL and reliable Class D amplifiers.
The bDRIVE series, available in 10“, and in both active and passive configurations. The specification and quality of these models is putting these new units at the front of the queue for touch, affordable, great sounding moulded cabinets.
The 10A/10AU active models features 3 band EQ, mic/line input connections on XLR and Jack, gain and level controls and a LINK facility to connect through to multiple cabinets from one signal source.
The 10AP model features twin inputs and adjustable tone settings, 3 band EQ, limiter and delay. Perfect for multiple venue setups. The new Class D amplifiers in these models has been designed to deliver high power and a clean sound at all power levels.


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