Steinway & Sons Model S-210

Description: Floor-standing boundary woofer
Frequency response: 25 – 500 Hz
Maximum SLP @ 1 meter: 114 dB (117 dB Corner)
Amplification needed: 1 channel
Dimensions (W x H x D): 36.0 x 37.3 x 36.0 cm / 14.2 x 14.7 x 14.2 in
Weight: 20.5 kg / 45.2 lbs

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The Model S series has been installed in hundreds of high performance home cinemas and living rooms all over the world. It is petite and so discreet it can be installed without compromising décor, but don´t let the size fool you. The Model S-210 is an incredibly powerful speaker recognized with numerous awards and accolades, making it the clear choice for those seeking perfection at a competitive price point.

Logic-defying performance
The performance of the petite Model S is nothing short of extraordinary. The reason is partly due to the innovative design of the Steinway & Sons Model S-210 speaker. Because the Model S-210 relegates bass duties to boundary woofers, it reproduces only high and midrange frequencies, and it does both with incredible volume capabilities and zero distortion. Its legendary performance makes it a perfect match for medium-sized high-performance home theaters.

Ambience enhancing radiation
A key feature of the Model S-210 speaker is its innovative AER (Ambience Enhancing Radiation) dipole tweeter design. This design disperses the highest frequencies, which produces a spacious and live effect throughout the listening room, similar to the effect you get from our flagship Model D speaker or a live instrument.


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