Two unique characters with a shared passion for HiFi founded the PIEGA loudspeaker workshop over 30 years ago in a garage. Kurt Scheuch focused on pioneering loudspeakers with an unsurpassed sound quality. Leo Greiner on the other hand was famous for his exceptionally attractive designs. A perfect team for long-term success.


In Switzerland Piega is market leaders for loudspeakers and export our products to over 40 countries. Thanks to our unique ribbon systems and our seamless aluminium cabinets we stand out clearly from the crowd. Our loudspeaker bodies are made from a single block and the ribbon technology is our particular speciality, which we are constantly further developing through to perfection.


PIEGA loudspeakers are hand crafted and produced in two workshops directly on Lake Zurich. We are proud of the fact that we have based our operations in Switzerland since our founding and have not only gained a great deal of experience and created innovations over this time – we have also increased our workforce. For us, our commitment to quality is self-evident, and we are not easily satisfied. We are constantly trying to surpass our objectives.

Piega Master

Loa piega master line source

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The Master Line Source, the absolute flagship of the PIEGA loudspeakers, was produced over several years of development. It operates on the line source principle, which is considered by audio experts as the ideal transducer. All frequencies are radiated as coherent cylindrical sound waves. Thanks to the enormous membrane area of the line source loudspeaker, its sound producing area is considerably greater than with conventional loudspeakers and exhibits only extremely low distortion.

loa piega master line source 2

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The Master Line Source 2 is a smaller version of the Master Line Source, which can also be integrated in normal living rooms.

Loa Piega Master Line Source 3

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This innovative dipole speaker enables an extraordinary music experience anywhere in your living.

Piega Coax

The Coax Series is hand crafted and produced with maximum precision. None of our loudspeakers leave our production before being tested and adjusted. The current Coax Series, which includes the Coax 311 shelf loudspeaker as well as the two Coax 511 and Coax 711 stand boxes with heights of well over one meter, represents already the second generation of the Coax loudspeakers. The trio offers cabinets made from extruded aluminium, which provides the loudspeaker not only with a stylish and elegant look but also offers outstanding stability. In this way we ensure that power is not lost through vibrating cabinet walls.

Piega Classic

The first PIEGA loudspeakers were produced almost 30 years ago in Horgen on the shore of Lake Zurich. That time saw the premier of many timelessly beautiful loudspeakers, all of which came with a perfect piano lacquer finish – an outstanding feature for the time.

The quartet offered innovative chassis and the first LDR ribbon tweeter developed and produced by PIEGA. It was from these beginnings that the PIEGA company grew over the decades to becoming now a leader in the construction of ribbon tweeters, coaxial midrange tweeter drivers, and the use of seamless aluminium cabinets.

The Classic Series provides lovers of classic loudspeakers with a perfect entry to the PIEGA world. Depending on the model, the series offers an outstanding AMT tweeter or PIEGA ribbon.

Piega Premium Wireless

Premium Wireless from PIEGA represents a new generation of loudspeakers that combines outstanding sound quality with convenient sound production features. State-of-the-art technologies, coupled with high quality design, which is based on the optical appearance of the existing Premium series. Installed simply and quickly. Get excited – because its time to expect more from wireless loudspeakers.

Piega Premium

First and foremost, it is the combination of the latest chassis technology and the 30 percent increase in the rigidity of the aluminium cabinet design that endows the Premium Series with this superb sound quality. While PIEGA’s tried and trusted LDR 2642 MKII tweeter is used in the smaller models, the new LDR 3056 ribbon tweeter makes its first time appearance in the flagship of the series – the Premium 701. Detailed improvements have also been made to the low midrange driver, which has also been specially adapted to the new cabinets and tweeters. The MDS cone drivers, which have been specially designed for long stroke movements even in medium sized rooms, ensure impulsive, dynamic and powerful bass performance.

Piega ACE

The new Ace series is being launched as a successor to our established TMicro loudspeakers. Whilst the outstanding technical features remain, the new series has been equipped with a number of state-of-the-art details.

The loudspeakers’ aesthetic appearance was designed by Swiss designer Stephan Hürlemann. The new series features slender and timeless aluminium cabinets. Its rounded shape towards the baffle and the rear eliminates internal standing waves and ensures outstanding sound reproduction.

Every part of the speaker is almost seamlessly bonded to the other, the integrated front grille curves slightly around the loudspeaker profile. Shape and body of the speakers form a harmonious cabinet that blends discreetly into any living space.

Piega AS / AP / In-Wall / In-Ceiling

Whether at home, in a restaurant or in a hotel – our compact loudspeakers provide the ideal addition for rooms in which there is not enough space for conventional loudspeakers.

Piega Subwoofer

A subwoofer turns music and film into an experience – whether this is a home cinema or in a stero system! Outputs of 250 or 500 watts ensure top quality sound effects and give the feeling that the helicopter is actually landing directly on the living room floor.