A home theater room utilizes a 20-channel 11.3.6 Trinnov & K-array immersive sound system

The first home theater project in Vietnam to use the Trinnov processor – power amplifier pair that won the EISA Award. The 11.3.6 immersive sound system with up to 20 channels, all from renowned brands such as Trinnov (France) and K-array (Italy).

The configuration of the 20-channel 11.3.6 home theater sound system.

  • 20 channels processor: Trinnov Altitude 16
  • 4 channels power amp: K-array KA104
  • 16 channels power amp Trinnov Amplitude 16
  • LCR speakers: K-array KF212
  • Main subwoofer: K-array KSC18P
  • Satelite speakers: KGEAR GCF6
  • Sub subwoofer: KGEAR GCF8S

Display systems

  • Transparent acoustic screen: Elitescreen SKT150UH-E12-AUHD
  • Projector: JVC DLA-NZ7
  • Media player: Dune HD & Apple TV

Since the beginning of 2021, Trinnov has released a software update that allows cinema processors to upgrade an additional 4 audio channels. Specifically, the Trinnov Altitude 16 will become a 20-channel processor, and the Altitude 32 will support up to 36 channels. The project started with initial drawings in late 2021, so Cơn Bão Số designed a 20-channel sound system configuration to maximize the hardware capabilities of the Trinnov Altitude 16. The K-array KA104 power amplifier is designed to provide power to 3 LCR speakers and 1 18-inch subwoofer, while the Trinnov Amplitude is responsible for 8 surround speakers, 6 ceiling speakers, and 2 additional subwoofers.

K-array’s speaker products are manufactured to Pro-grade standards, catering to both hi-fi home audio needs and professional performance demands. By using the K-array brand for the 3 LCR speakers and subwoofer, we were able to design a matrix system to switch between movie-watching and karaoke-singing functions on the same system. This matrix system is integrated into the smart home control solution, enabling quick activation of either movie-watching or karaoke-singing mode with just a button press.

The client’s desire to install a hi-end stereo sound system in the future makes acoustic processing a crucial factor that determines the entire project implementation plan. We created a 3D simulation of the room using specialized home theater design software to accurately plan the location and area that needs to be treated. As a result, we were able to easily identify design options for the interior in order to create a project that achieves both aesthetic and acoustic efficiency.

Ceiling stars are also an important factor for us to utilize acoustics and arrange speakers effectively.

Starry ceiling is one of the popular decorative options for home theater nowadays, creating unique visual effects and a focal point. Unlike popular starry ceiling options in the Vietnamese market, the home theater project here uses the Starcoustix SX starry ceiling system, which is appearing for the first time in Vietnam. 

Starcoustix SX is a specialized starry ceiling system for media rooms, manufactured by the Kinetics brand (USA). The special fabric material absorbs both sound and light, allowing for acoustic treatment materials and speakers to be placed above the starry sky ceiling. Starcoustix SX is suitable for projects that require a multi-speaker sound system but also need a solution for sound-absorbing and acoustic treatment without affecting the interior design.