Project Penhouse Linden | 3-in-1 Cinema, Karaoke, and Music Architectural Sound System

This is a project with strict requirements for aesthetic factors. Cơn Bão Số received the project requirements and proposed an integrated speaker solution for a luxurious space.

The integrated speaker system deeply integrates into the living space, becoming a part of the room’s interior design, providing natural and non-intrusive sound for entertainment purposes, without causing distraction from the presence of the sound system like other types of box speakers.

Sound system configuration

  • Processor cinema: Lyngdorf Audio MP40
  • LCR speakers: K-array KK102
  • Subwoofer K-array KU210
  • Surround speaker: K-array KT2
  • Ceiling speaker: K-array KT2C
  • Power amp: K-array KA34
  • Savant automation control system

Thanks to the Pure Array technology, the K-array KK102 speaker system has a sleek design that is suitable for both aesthetic requirements and the ability to meet karaoke functionality with a peak sound pressure level of up to 126dB. Combined with the K-array KU210 subwoofer and the K-array KT2, KT2C satellite speakers, the entire system can meet the versatile entertainment needs including watching movies, singing karaoke, and listening to high-quality music.

To simplify the usage, we also designed a matrix system to switch between the functions of watching movies and singing karaoke on the same system. This matrix system is integrated into the smart home control solution, enabling quick activation of either movie-watching or karaoke-singing mode with just a button press.

To effectively coordinate with the high-end K-array speaker system, we designed the cinema processor MP40 from Lyngdorf Audio (Denmark).

Lyngdorf Audio is one of the world’s leading brands in cinema processors. The Lyngdorf Audio cinema processor features powerful hardware that can render 3D surround sound in up to 16 independent channels. With flexible and customizable configuration options and powerful bass management capabilities, Lyngdorf Audio is suitable for immersive sound systems with up to 16 independent channels and 2 separate subwoofers.

Lyngdorf Audio is equipped with RoomPerfect technology, a feature that helps the processor identify audio errors in the space, control audio signals to satellite speakers and subwoofers in order to automatically fine-tune and optimize the entire sound system.

Different from other technologies such as YPAO, Audyssey, Dirac Live, RoomPerfect collects audio signals at multiple arbitrary positions in the room to accurately identify room mode errors in the space.

Rooftop rock speakers.