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  • Set on Santa Eulalia Beach, the 162-room W Ibiza, which is owned by Inversions Hoteleres Ebza, is in proximity to Ibiza’s famous beaches, nightclubs and rural inland attractions. The hotel features a private terrace and an outdoor pool that offers direct access to the beach and seafront promenade. The high-end hotel also includes a nightclub.
  • Given music’s importance to the island, the sound system was a critical element of the hotel’s design in which owners required the best quality audio in a discreet shape.
  • Sound Consultant Mark Netto was brought in to find the perfect balance between the interior designers’ requirements and the sound technician’s needs. Aware of its absolute quality from previous prestigious venues, Netto selected K-array.
  • The new hotel needed an all-encompassing audio system designed specifically for the purposes of the various zones throughout:
    The lobby was outfitted with 8 Vyper-KV52 loudspeakers paired with 2 Rumble-KU210 subwoofers all in white. The bathrooms immediately adjacent were also equipped with 3 Tornado-KTC point sources flushed within the ceiling and 1 Domino-KF26 full-range loudspeaker.
  • To lead clientele from the lobby to the other floors of the hotel with the same homogenous audio experience, 3 Vyper-KV25 slim line arrays were installed in the elevators.
  • At the WET Deck, Oversized sun loungers and low seating give prime sea views, as mixologists work their magic. For the pool, the system was comprised of 10 Vyper-KV52, 6 Lyzard-KZ14, 8 Rumble-KU210 powered by 1 Kommander-KA84 and 1 Kommander-KA24 amplifiers. And at the bar, 6 Vyper-KV52 customized in white were paired with 2 Rumble-KU210 subwoofers also in white and driven by 1 Kommander-KA24 amplifier.
  • The W Lounge, which gives a sense of the theatrical from its amphitheater-styling, sets the scene for being seen. Every day and night is celebrated by sipping cocktails, mingling and soaking up the action so a system of 6 Vyper-KV52 in white powered by one Kommander-KA24 outfitted the space.
  • In the hotel’s 100-capacity, 807-sq-ft meeting room, 6 Vyper-KV52 and 1 Python-KP52 customized in white driven by 1 Kommander-KA14 amp and 1 Kommander-KA24 amp.
  • In the FIT gym – open 24 hours, 7 days a week – and AWAY spa, 8 Domino-KF26 loudspeakers were transformed into self-powered speakers by inserting the specific KA1-FF amplifier accessory. Along with 6 Domino-KF210, the full-range loudspeakers were color customized to a specific RAL code and powered by 1 Kommander-KA84 amplifier.
    Ve Café is the hotel’s modern, vegetarian health food bar designed to uplift guests with fresh and wholesome bites and drinks. It is outfitted with 9 Tornado-KT2C ceiling mounted point sources and 4 Rumble-KU26 subs both customized in a specific RAL code to integrate seamlessly and assist dinners to relaxed lunch while enjoying great sea views or to pick up a healthy takeaway
  • Rooftop Bar GLOW, the exclusive rooftop venue that is strictly adults-only, will open its doors in 2020 with a top-notch system consisting of 8 Kobra-KK52 line arrays with 3 Rumble-KU210 subwoofers driven by 1 Kommander-KA84.
  • Below Nightclub will be Santa Eulalia’s first nightclub and will open in 2020 with a powerful system of 4 Dragon-KX12 point sources for high pressure in the near field along with 2 Python-KP52 line arrays were paired with 2 Thunder-KMT218P and 2 Thunder-KMT12 subwoofers for heavy low-end frequencies. 2 Domino-KF26 full-range speakers will reinforce the bathrooms and the system will be powered by a Kommander-KA84 amplifier.
  • With many areas restricted only to adults, the hotel created a kid’s club with a playground to entertain their younger guests which is outfitted with 3 Kobra-KK52 and 2 Vyper-KV52 in white paired with 1 Rumble-KU26 subwoofer, also in white, and 2 Rumble-KU210 subs for the low-end frequencies. The system was powered by a Kommader-KA14 amplifier.
    Set on the golden sands of Santa Eulalia bay, Chiringuito Blue is a relaxed beach restaurant where the east of the Mediterranean meets Ibiza in a vibrant dining experience also equipped with K-array employing 6 Lyzard-KZ14 in white and 2 Rumble-KU26 subs controlled by 1 Kommander-KA14 amp.
  • Lastly, the La Llama brings an inventive twist to the classic steakhouse in an elegant interior, so it was extremely important to implement a system with minimal visual impact. The hotel’s restaurant employs 8 slim Vyper-KV52 line arrays in white with 3 Rumble-KU210 subs to cover the low frequencies. The bathrooms were outfitted with a total of 9 Tornado-KT2C flushed in the ceiling plus 2 Domino-KF26 full-range speakers all color customized with a specific RAL code.
  • A Pinnacle-KR402 portable system and a Pinnacle-KR802 portable system were also delivered for reinforcement during events.

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