Film production is the most demanding environment for loudspeakers. The huge budgets involved and the need to accurately combine orchestral scores, special effects and dialogue leaves no room for error. In this most critical of environments, M&K are the loudspeakers chosen by the world’s leading film makers for the production of their films.

No other loudspeakers will more faithfully recreate the director’s vision as the speakers they used in the production of their soundtracks. This is why M&K loudspeaker systems are the first choice of home cinema connoisseurs worldwide.

Push-Pull Dual Driver

The top of the line M&K Sound subwoofers employ a unique Push-Pull Dual Driver configuration to eliminate even-order harmonic distortion and double the sound power per watt of amplifier power, for 6 dB of additional output and major improvements in bass detail, articulation, authority and impact.

Timbre Matching

Conventional surround systems create a disruptive audible discontinuity when the sound shifts from one speaker to another.

Timbre-matched M&K Sound speaker systems employ similar or identical drivers and similar or identical crossovers to achieve identical frequency response and tonal characteristics from all channels for a seamless three-dimensional soundfield.

Tripole Surrounds

M&K Sound’s exclusive Tripole rear/side speakers radiates sound from three sides of the cabinet in a unique configuration that combines the best characteristics of monopole, direct radiating loudspeakers with the best of a dipole design to deliver consistent, smooth and transparent rear-channel sound, equally suited to ambient, spatial effects and specific placement across a wide listening area.

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