A long-standing brand specialized in manufacturing audio devices that meet THX Ultra2 standards for specialized cinema room. Right from the name, Acurus is proud that all their processors and power amplifiers are manufactured and assembled in the United States, proving the outstanding quality and position of the brand in the market.

Acurus provides ASPEQT professional auto calibration for processors MUSE and ACT-4, configured up to 20 immersive channels. This is the perfect piece with the M&K Sound brand’s speaker system to form a true Dedicated Cinema room.

Immersive sound processor up to 20 channels

With up to 20 channels under native processing (15 main channels and 5 subwoofer channels), Acurus can provide immersive sound 9.5.6 spreading throughout the room, making the audience really immersed in the movie being watched.

THX Ultra 2 certificated

To meet the rigorous requirements of specialized home cinema rooms, Acurus’s products are THX Ultra2 certified. When paired with THX speaker systems, Acurus processor and power provide precise sound made in the studio by filmmakers for a truly immersive experience right at home.


Acurus’ exclusive feature has been developed to help home cinema room set-up units gain precision and maximize the power of their audio systems. The kit includes 4 omnidirectional microphones for real-time measurement, data acquisition and automatic processing.